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We colored this candle from light to dark teal color with pearl gloss and tints of white. It is best suited to the interior of your bathroom or bedroom. One glance is enough to be filled with freshness and tenderness. It is a wonderful gift for real aesthetes. The candle texture is a result of thorough handwork. 

. Color: White & Teal
. Size: 18 oz.  Lenght: 4 in x Width: 3.2 in
. The smell of candles: Sweet Pea

Here are some factors for your consideration:

. These candles are made from 100% natural and ecologically clean, non-GMO raw materials.

. For our candles we use 100% cotton core wick.

. They are aromatized with high quality phthalate-free essential oils.

. They do not give off smoke while burning, and, therefore, they do not produce substances harmful to health.

. They do not leave oily stains on clothes and do not drip while burning.

. Long burning time

. While touching, you can feel the soft, silk-like surface.

. They are handmade by carefully following all the steps for the best outcome ever.

. As our candles are large in size and long-lasting, they are aromatized with exquisite notes in order not to disturb your dinner, and not to bother you with a constant pungent smell.


Our candles are results of thorough handwork. Each of them is  unique and may slightly differ in play of colors and textures.
These candles are an ideal gift, I promise:)

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