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Is it possible to find a more inimitable gift than this candle for your mother, sister or
loved ones in general to aesthetically delight them?
With its delicate floral design and dainty aroma.The floral arrangement contains: peach blossom, gomphrena, lavender buds, rose buds , peony.

. Color: Rose and White
. The smell of candles: Pea
. Size: 18 oz.  Lenght: 4 in x Width: 3.2 in
Here are some factors for your consideration:

. These candles are made from 100% natural and ecologically clean, non-GMO raw materials.

. For our candles we use 100% cotton core wick.

. They are aromatized with high quality phthalate-free essential oils.

. They do not give off smoke while burning, and, therefore, they do not produce substances harmful to health.

. They do not leave oily stains on clothes and do not drip while burning.

. Long burning time.

. While touching, you can feel the soft, silk-like surface.

. They are handmade by carefully following all the steps for the best outcome ever.

. As our candles are large in size and long-lasting, they are aromatized with exquisite notes in order not to disturb your dinner, and not to bother you with a constant pungent smell.
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